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5 Major Reasons to not Buy the Apple iPhone 4s

The Apple iPhone 4s was released amid much fanfare. The device was touted as a game changer in the smartphone segment. The device that was released was pretty impressive and far more advanced than its predecessors. The iPhone 4S comes with a faster processor, a better camera and the Siri. The Siri is the star feature of the iPhone 4S. It is an application that doubles as an advanced personal assistant as well as a navigator.

The Internet and Your Reputation

Our online image may not properly show who or what we truly are. This can occur due to people with the same name having a poor reputation which inadvertently falls upon our own. Although this is not the only thing that can harm our online image, it is a factor that must be fixed in order to preserve our own reputation.

All the Apps You Need for Finding, Buying and Owning a Car

I recently bought my first car. Going to the dealership wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, nor was finding the right car at the right price. Anxiety, excitement and nerves were all a part of the process, but what saved me was knowing I was getting a good deal. Now, a proud owner of a 2012 Ford Focus, I’m still saving time and money because I’m plugged in. There’s an app for everything, and here are the best ones for finding, buying and owning a car.

HTC Windows Phone 8X specs, features, pricing

HTC’s new Crown Jewel, HTC Windows Phone 8X, a funky Smartphone has been officially announced by HTC and soon it’s going to hit the market. Here, we will tell you the traits of this funky-colour Windows Phone Smartphone of HTC. Buying a top class phone like this one along with classy accessories is a boon for the users. A very convenient and comfortable way to make the best use of them is to buy online mobile accessories. You can buy these online accessories from various popular websites which provide great deals.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab- Is it worth all the hype?

There are many electronic items where their hype is a lot more than their actual quality. That is definitely not the case with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is one of the best seven inch tablets that is on the market and this makes the Galaxy Tab worth every penny of its asking price. Here is an overview of some of the features, pros, and cons of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We will also look at why this device is a cut above the competition and about what exactly makes it so special.

Getting the Most Out of SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a good choice for businesses that need a high performance, stable and flexible database system. There are several different flavours of SQL server, and if you want to make the most out of your investment, you should choose the right version for your company.

Samsung – Redefining Communication in India

In December 1995, Samsung Electronics tapped into the Indian market and soon became the market leader in Consumer Electronics by providing ace household products like washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, mobile phones and split air conditioners. With the brilliantly engineered products, Samsung soon gained technological leadership in the Indian market. Today, it’s one of the largest mobile phone brands and pioneering company in the smartphone segment in India.

The Blackberry 9900 “No sound issue” and its fix

The Blackberry 9900 was released as one of the first smartphones with the revolutionary Blackberry 7 OS. Its makers Research In Motion has given us a powerful business phone in a sleeker avatar. The Bold 9900 has a touch screen which makes a world of a difference. The BB 7 OS isn’t much different when compared to the BB OS 6. However the camera is a bit on the weaker side when compared to its competitors. However, the keyboard and the email make it a great phone to have.