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How to Make a website search engine friendly

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September 27, 2012

Building a website is just a foundation stone to your online business as there are numerous things to do to improve the visibility of your website or draw visitors. To reach the targeted audience, the website should be search engine friendly that will enhance the search results. So, here are a few guidelines to make your website search engine-friendly site.

  1. Provide relevant information: The foremost important thing to do is to provide high-quality information on your website or pages.  The content should be rich in information so that it attracts readers or visitors along with compel webmasters to link with your website. Elaborately describe the features of the products or services. Also ensure the inclusion of phrases or words in the pages that users could search for.
  2. Quality links: To make your website search engine friendly and easily accessible to search results ensure that the links are good and crawlers can easily find it. Search engines upgrade their text-machine techniques so that they can provide relevant and important search results to their users. So, a good link and content helps the search engines judge the relevance and thus gives weighs to the quality links.
  3.  Good link structure: If you want your website to be search engine friendly then emphasize on building it with a good link structure. Google’s guidelines states, ‘Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.’ The search engine giant further advises to use a text browser to examine a site so that spiders easily crawl it.
  1. Title tag: It is an important feature and cannot be ignored as several search engines give additional weightage to the text appearing in the HTML <TITLE> tag. Besides the title tag you should also use a meaningful title on each inner pages of the site.
  2. Keywords:  Keywords shouldbe relevant to the page or website. There are simple ways to find our highly search keywords. Moreover, you should not use excessive keywords than proportion or else search engines will consider it to be a highly promotional page rather than an informative site.

However, besides these things to do there are certain things that you should avoid. Don’t fill the page or pages with irrelevant or excessive keywords. Moreover, you should never attempt to “cloak” pages because many search engines such links and pages deceptive and may consider to be junk or of less significance.

Also don’t create several copies of a page under different URLs. If the website has identical content and are integrated to different URLs then prefer using the canonical version.

Never hesitate to approach a search engine optimization (SEO) expert as they can improve the site’s visibility and accessibility to search engines.

Every business in the contemporary times has realized the importance of making their website search engine friendly, and so they now adopted SEO to be a vital agenda of internet marketing. The easy accessibility to search engines not only improves the visibility but also can increase the sales or revenue. So, if you are thinking of improving the visibility of your website, then you should seek the assistance and guidance of a SEO expert.

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