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Infographics and Other Creative Ways to Help Your Linkbuilding Campaign

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August 11, 2011

In order to run a great link building campaign, it helps to know why you are doing it in the first place. Sounds pretty basic right? Sometimes it’s easy to get swept into doing some form of Internet marketing without fully understanding the reason behind it, other than “that’s what everyone else is doing.” Yes links are good but why? In addition to greatly helping SEO efforts, in the form of helping your search engine ranking, getting back links can help increase your site’s credibility and bring more traffic and exposure to your content.

While this sounds easy enough, the next question is “how do I get these links?” This part is a bit more challenging but constantly leaves room for creativity. There are certain levels of risk associated with link types. Most of us have likely heard of people who buy these links or use like exchanges, which are both on the riskier end of the scale, and then there are other “more” accepted forms like guest posting (and  I stress “more” here since Google discourages anyone from going out of the way to climb the search rankings).

Here are some other acceptable link building techniques that you may want to incorporate into your campaign.

Create an Infographic
Infographics are basically just what they sound like. A designer created a graphic that lays out information in a visibly appealing manner. Explaining concepts with a graphic or chart is a great way to give a person a visual idea on how things should be done. Once this infographic concept is created, it should be placed on your website or blog and you can encourage people to use it on their own site. In order to do this, you create a code that allows the user to place the graphic on their site which also has your URL imbedded in it as well. If you come up with a popular design, you will see your image appearing on multiple sites and therefore you are getting valuable back links. Social bookmarking sites are a great way to bring traffic to your newly created design.

Guest Posting
As I mentioned before, guest posting is an accepted way to also bring back links to your site. The key is that you must provide quality content to the reader. You begin by pitching relevant ideas for posts to webmasters and blog owners who are looking for original content for their sites. In exchange for contributing this high quality work, the blog or site owner normally allows one (or more) “do follow” links back to your site. This can be a great way to network, polish your writing skills and help your SEO efforts all at once.

Additionally, you may also start allowing guest posts on your own blog or site. This will help bring more eyes to the content and change up the tone of your blog as well. Just remember, be careful to make sure that the content you are allowing to be published on your site is original. The Google algorithm penalizes sites that use duplicate content.

If you try using a few of these link building ideas, you will see that they can be really useful and can actually be a fun way to flex your creative muscles.

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