Top Firefox Add-Ons for SEO

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August 30, 2012

If you have a few different websites, trying to keep track of all the different statistics and SEO projects can be time consuming and confusing if you aren’t really organized. Fortunately, different web browsers have various SEO plugins and extensions which can help to keep track of all your SEO endeavours, and Firefox is no exception.

There are over 100 SEO-related add-ons located within the Firefox Add-ons Manager alone, plus many companies have created their own Firefox extensions located on their websites, and not available within the Manger.

Here are some of the top Firefox Add-Ons for SEO:

SEO for Firefox by SEO Book

SEO Book has created a few different add-ons for Firefox, and while not found within the Firefox Add-ons Manger, their extensions have hundreds of thousands of users.

SEO for Firefox is one of the most comprehensive because it pulls useful data right from the top search engines, including Yahoo and Google. Near each result, it shows page ranks and links, including .edu and .gov, age from, how many pages are indexed, and works with Alexa, Whois, dmoz and others. Not only does it give you this data in a clean format, it also cites the source to allow for deeper analysis.

Rank Checker by SEO Book

Another top Firefox Add-on for SEO is also by SEO Book called Rank Checker. Because it is open source, it offers professional quality data mining without the cost.

This extension not only allows you to see your site’s ranking in the major web browsers, but it also allows you to see your rank in international versions of Google. Other features include keyword presets and scheduled tasks, which will automatically show you rankings on certain keywords at certain times of the day, week or month.

You can also easily export the data for further analysis with a CSV file.

SEOQuake SEO Extension

SEOQuake SEO is the most popular SEO add-on found within the Firefox Add-on Manager because it pulls data from many different SEO facets and compiles it simply, allowing users to save the data for future use.

SEOQuake has two different parts – the SEObar, a toolbar which displays customizable SEO parameters for quick viewing of search engine rankings. Users can also set parameter presets which can be switched between at any time.

Like SEO for Firefox, some of the data available is page rank, number of pages indexed, number of links, etc.


SearchStatus is another popular SEO add-on within the Firefox Manager and offers both ranking information from both Google and Alexa as well as SEOmozmozRank. It has also has a keyword and backlinks analyzer, and no follow highlighting which allows you to see the Whois information and age from

Because there are so many add-ons available, doing research is key in order to find which Firefox extensions work best to keep your SEO projects organized and to help maximize your websites profitability.

What are your favourite Firefox SEO add-ons?

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