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Using Software for Link Building on the Web

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June 23, 2011

Scaling up link building efforts is something that every webmaster wishes that they could find the time to do. However it is not something that is easily accomplished, and the days of submitting to endless amounts of article directories are now completely over with as the Google algorithm update called Panda totally wiped that Internet marketing strategy off of the board.

Nowadays good link building (also known as white label SEO or white label link building) more resembles the type of link building that the SEO pioneers use to take part in before Google ever even recognized link building as a valid way to rank web sites in the SERPS.

Link building these days can be better referred to as building links, or better yet – building relationships. Link building can be summarized as networking in today’s world, and as your list of contacts grow, so will your need to organize the massive amounts of data that has to be kept throughout your link building campaigns.

Creating a Back-end Social Network of Contacts

Using link building software involves creating unique profiles for each one of your contacts (websites) that you come in contact with. It is like a “backend Facebook” – if you will – that only you have the access to. Each profile will hold all sorts of information that will be crucial to you succeeding in taking on any sort of volume – whether you will be doing the link building yourself, or you offer a link building service.

This is because with link building comes strenuous and tedious daily activities involving large doses of data entry that consume the majority of your day if you do not have some sort of software that can automate these activities. Here are some of the different types of information that link building software can automatically keep track of for you:

  • Project
  • Worker Assigned to
  • Relationship Status
  • Contact Information
  • Web Site
  • IP Address
  • Page Rank and other SEO Metrics

Custom Fields. A good link building software platform will also allow you to create custom fields so that you can integrate your business structure into the software – depending on what it is you need to do with the software.

Email Integration. For many, the process of link building begins with the email and software companies know that. A good piece of software will also allow you to incorporate your emails into the profiles of your contact, so you may see any and all conversations that you have had with your fellow webmasters.


Using link building software will allow you to do one thing effectively: Scale up your link building efforts without sacrificing quality. It allows you to take on medium sized link building campaigns on your own instead of having to spend a large amount of money outsourcing to an SEO company that provides link building services. There are tons of good types of link building software out there that are just a few Google searches away! The good ones cost money, which is unfortunate – however you will find that it is very much worth it and you will begin to wonder within a few days how you ever accomplished link building without it!

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