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Why Your Guest Posts are not accepted by Top Blogs? 5 Main Reasons

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July 15, 2012

Everybody wants to have a large number of audiences to their blog. For blog promotion it is good to have posts from different guests. This will create chances to improve your blog because good comments are a real source of improvement as well as your blog could grow faster. When the guests come to your blog they will definitely help you to increase traffic as well as you can find different and unique ideas to post more contents according to the choice of audience.

5 Main Reasons for not allowing Guest Posts:

Although posts from guests are very helpful for your blog but there are some serious reasons behind not allowing Guest Posting on blogs. Here we are going to discuss 5 strong reasons due to which guest posts are not accepted by top blogs. The reasons are as under:

1)      Loosing Authority:  The time when your blog becomes popular and relies on market, you will get requests to allow publishing posts made by guests. In densely crowded places like how to make money online, most of the guest writers are link builders. In this way your blog will loose its authority. This will not happen immediately, it may take time but the chance of loosing authority is widely open.

2)      Going Off-Topic:  Making a blog and keeping its value alive is not an easy task but at the same time not a difficult one. The popularity of your blog depends upon the topic you are sharing with the users and the traffic which comes to your blog. If your blog material contains solution of a particular problem then people will come to your blog everyday. Your blog will become a resource center for the customers when you are focusing on a particular topic or problem. If you post different topics on your blog then it will always go off-topic. So allowing guest posts to your blog will create chances of changing the theme of creating blog.

3)      Poor Quality Links:  There are many people who are allowing guest posts on their blogs to increase the rank of their page. As it is said earlier that most of the guest writers are link builders so allowing guest posts will end up your blog in linking to poor quality links. So you have to keep an eye on the URLs posted by guests.

4)      Personal Blog:  People also don’t allow interfering into their personal blogs by writing on their blogs. So if your blog is too much personal then it is obvious that no one is allowed to write on your blog.

5)       Time is precious:  By opening guest posts on your blog, you can find different guest writers with their websites links. Most of the guests don’t care about the content of their sites, they just post links and you will waste your time by reviewing useless posts.


It is good to have good quality guest posts on your blog but at the same time it will become worse. You could also write different guests posts in other blogs. So think over it and decide either to allow guest posts or not to your blog.

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