Things to Avoid When Using Social Media

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October 13, 2012

The technology has indeed changed the landscape of communication as compared to the previous centuries, wherein people can only communicate via letters. You still need to wait for weeks and even months just to receive the mail that may contain letters and photos. Social media have offered a great medium for people to get updates from their loved ones overseas. On the other hand, there are always two sides of the coin. Yes, social media offers a lot of advantages but there are some things that you need to avoid when using social media.

Safety Issues

The disadvantage of social media is actually associated with safety issues. As this platform is used to share information via online, sharing significant information to wrong people online can surely cause danger not just your security but also your life. Being careful when sharing information is one of the most effective methods on how you can able to avoid the disadvantages of social media. Meaning, you need to be responsible when using social media.

Things to Avoid When Sharing Photos via Social Media

One of the best advantages of social media is you can share your photos online, so that your friends and relatives will always be updated on what is new about you. Be responsible when sharing photos online, make sure that the pictures are not questionable or offensive. This can be used against you. Posting pictures that are nasty may cause someone else reputation to be tainted. Like for example if your job is a teacher and you posted some pictures that are not ideal for a professional, it can surely cause your job and life.

Furthermore, there can be some individual with bad intention to use some of your photos to pretend to be you thus ruining your relationship with some of your friends. They can pretend to be you to the extent that they might use your photos. To avoid this, make sure to share your photos to your friends only. Do not make it public because everyone can see these pictures.

Things to Avoid When Adding Friends via Social Media

Yes, it is great to have a lot of friends. However, when adding a friend online, are you sure that you really know that person personally? Nowadays, the criminals are lurking online waiting for the innocent prey to be their victim. When adding friends through social media websites, make sure that you really know the person. Do not just add the person without getting his or her real information.

Do Not Share Personal Information

Some people would not even mind sharing their email address, address, mobile number, home number and other information through social media. This is the most common mistake that you need to avoid when using social media. Criminals can use these infos to execute their dark plans. As much as possible refrain from sharing some of your personal information online as these can be used by these criminals.

Finally, social media is an essential tool for you to be updated with the recent updates of your friends and family members. You just have to be responsible enough because the more you share information the more it opens the more possibility of danger.<

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