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Help Your Business To Grow Using Social Media

The importance of social media in the online marketing environment of today can hardly be overstated. Facebook alone currently accounts for a full one fourth of the clicks performed by Internet browsers in the United States, and this number is not showing any signs of slowing down.

How to Add Google’s +1 Button to your WordPress homepage

Google wants to make the Google +1 ubiquitous on the web and thus lets webmasters to embed the button on pages throughout their website. You can easily add the plus one button to any page on your website by simply using the code snippet provided by Google for various sizes. There is also a Wordpress plugin for the same. But what if you want to add Google +1 button to Wordpress homepage? Well, its easy and you just need to modify the standard code a bit.

See Facebook likes on Search results

When you search on Google, you get the results that Google thinks is the most relevant one. Wouldn’t it be great to quickly see the number of Facebook likes next to each search result on Google? With the Google +Like extension, you can have this benefit.

Google’s +1 button

Google has introduced +1 button as a social recommendation system for Google users. One can hit the +1 button on Google search results page to recommend it to their friends. The +1 likes can be made public or can be set private.