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Blogger to WordPress Redirection- to use or not to use

Its easy to setup a blogger blog and start writing right away. But after a certain time, users prefer switching to Wordpress because of better customization options in Wordpress. Blogger to Wordpress migration is easy as there is a dedicated Wordpress plugin for the migration purpose. Redirecting Blogger blog to Wordpress can be done with meta refresh. But that sort of redirection isn’t much search engine friendly.

Recovering SE traffic from Google and others after 301 redirection

This domain is not so old but the blog is a bit older. I moved this blog from the old domain http://bishaladhikary.com.np to http://techattitude.com in February (23rd or 24th but not sure). I had also written about my moving this blog from old domain to new domain. I redirected it seamlessly but began experiencing problems shortly after redirecting it to new domain. I began suffering the slump in the Search Engine Traffic from Google, Yahoo etc. In the beginning, I didn’t know how Google treated 301 redirection but eventually seemed to understand that and recovered the traffic from Google in certain time after redirection.