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3D printing of circuit boards can boost innovation

Circuit boards keep on becoming cheaper to print but at the same time those used in high tech applications keep on becoming more complicated making them more expensive to print at the same time. For a high tech item that is going into mass production like a tablet computer the cost per unit isn’t very high, but on short runs the cost of custom circuit boards can be prohibitively high and this may be stifling innovation is small businesses and even research departments.

Crowd-sourcing comes to the aid of homeless Hermit Crabs

Crowd-sourcing is seeking to put right one of humanity’s many wrongs against nature. To be fair many people, especially children, wouldn’t imagine that collecting shells would have any major effect on marine life but the hermit crab is losing out.

Lightweight 3D printing takes to the skies

The uses for unmanned aerial vehicles are increasing all of the time:no longer are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) limited to high tech drones used by the world’s most elite armed forces, they are increasingly being used by the police and even photographers.