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Adobe MUSE: A New Design Tool Which Revolutionized The World Of Designing!

The headline says it all, Adobe’s new web design software, has come up which would definitely explode the stereotypical world of designing. They have named it MUSE. The tool has been kept in mind its end users, that is, InDesign and Illustrator users. Designers who are not coders can now generate creative websites through MUSE.

Adobe’s Image Deblur tool

Mobile phone cameras do not give results as great as SLRs but some modern day camera phones deliver such pictures that it is difficult to tell them apart from standard digital camera photos. Besides the the censor, a lot of things such as movement, amount of light etc. make a big difference in the quality of photos. Aren’t you annoyed to see motion blurred pictures that would otherwise have looked great, hadn’t there been a hand movement? Well your woes may come to an end very soon as Adobe will soon be introducing a Deblur tool in the upcoming release of Photoshop that would help you correct your blurred pictures.

Adobe Edge – Adobe’s new tool for HTML5 editing

HTML5 is getting so popular that experts are suggesting that Flash may become obsolete in the coming years. Adobe, the software giant who had acquired Macromedia, the original creators of Flash have launched a toolkit called Adobe Edge for professional web developers and designers that lets them create rich pages with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Adobe launches a new application – Project Rome

Adobe has launched a new application called “Project Rome”. Project Rome is a content creation and publishing application for consumers, small businesses and educators. The tool is for users who don’t have technical knowledge in designing applications. Users can create rich multimedia content, websites, design and other stuff without the knowledge of desktop applications or say the Adobe Suite. Moreover, Project Rome is currently free for use.