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Google to display more relevant Adsense ads

Google has taken a huge step ahead on targeting the Google Adsense ads. Google has announced that now onwards, the ads will not just be relevant to the content of the website on which it is present but also related to the type of content that people love to see on the internet. Google has launched this “interest-based” advertising as a beta test on its partner sites and Youtube.

Test Adsense on your WordPress blogs

Adsense is by far the best and the easiest tool to monetize your site. You can easily place ads on your site by putting the Javascript code snipped in the html of your site or blog. If you use Wordpress, there are a number of plugins that are available for inserting Adsense. These tools allow you to insert adsense very easily without having to put the whole javascript code in your templates or on your posts inline. But what if you want to test Adsense on your site by placing them in appropirate places so as to generate more clicks? If you repeatedly open up your site to test Adsense visiting as a normal user, you’ll make a number of impressions to the ad which Google Adsense won’t entertain. And there are chances for accidental clicks as well. So, how will you test adsense the legitimate way on your blog? Well here’s how you do it.