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Now is the time to experiment with PPC advertising

SEO isn’t dead, but it’t not as powerful as it used to be. Five years ago a site with good on-page SEO and quality backlinks would rank well in relevant search queries. But a few changes, both from Google and from users, have changed the playing field. Now might be the perfect time to try something new in your attempt to attract readers via search. It might be time to try a pay-per-click advertising approach.

Facebook Advertising – A New Avenue of Making Users “Like” Your Brand

There are many things that offer you plenty of opportunities to promote your products and services to the defined target audience. With growing demand, Facebook and other social media channels have managed to get up to the marketing expectations of the companies. With a great platform, Facebook presents the clients with an excellent engagement site. The latest avenue which has worked wonders for many companies offers a versatile system that can create links for the visiting users. Such a system helps the company in measuring the liking trend and thus; it will further assess the exact shares.

Bing API for developers

Microsoft’s Bing is out for a while now. Many of us have already tested Bing and found it to be much faster and user friendly than Live search. Well developers get ready for the Bing API. Bing has a very good REST API.

Earn money with Skype

Have you ever used Skype for talking to your friends and family? As many of you know, it is one of the most popular VoIP softwares with over 300 million users worldwide and counting.