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How To Be A Game Changer In Mobile eCommerce?

Yeah. So you know that doing business is a game. Now you should understand that Mobile eCommerce arena is more a game and hence more adventurous. Since it is adventurous you should tighten your sport gears to play the game well without injury. Just once if your Mobile eCommerce App gets hung in some mobile device then consider it an ‘epic fail’. No use in grabbing the shoulder of your Mobile eCommerce App developer later on. It is your fault. You didn’t make a right choice of Mobile Commerce Application developer. So be careful when you choose and create a monitoring mechanism to make sure that he delivers you the perfect Mobile Commerce Application .

The Big Challenges faced by Mobile Application developers

In today’s universe of mobile application developments, the pressure is quiet high on the application developers .Developers are expected to bridge the growing gap between ever demanding user expectations and the dynamic technology. They remain the key for the existence and growth of mobile application universe.

Improve Your Fitness By Running From Zombies

Zombies have always been an internet craze but have gotten so popular that they have been involved in everything from books to movies to games. Although there is one area that they really haven’t penetrated yet. Fitness. Well now there is a new app that looks to combine the generally daunting and unpleasant world of exercise and weight loss with the blood pumping world of zombies.

Tips to Become A Successful Mobile App Developer

With the growing thirst for the media consumption via mobiles has lead to a remarkable increase in the demand for the software developers and engineers in the job section. These are the people who...

Mashape – A Marketplace for APIs

It’s already a fact that APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the primary way to distribute and access services. Over the past few years, many services have begun offering an API as part of their core product, rather than a just offering a website or an app. But there are many who don’t offer API. Mashape plans to embrace the trend of API offering by making any cloud service or application programmable while providing access to thousands of developers who can use it.

How to import a blog from Blogger to WordPress – Alternate method

Wordpress by default provides the option to import a blog from Blogger. It is very easy and can be accomplished by a few button clicks; that’s it. But in some hostings, an error is encountered due to the lack of secure connection. In such cases, the content should be first exported from and then imported to Wordpress. This process can take a bit longer but works perfectly for everyone.

Some recently developed Windows Phone 7 Apps

Windows Phone 7 has a totally new and user-friendly interface and is smoothly integrated with other services. Applications for the Windows Phone 7 are currently being developed and applications for Twitter, eBay etc. are already available. Some more applications have been released, of which some are just demos.

Facebook’s New Groups and Profile Backup plus better Privacy options

The chat box on Facebook had recently started showing thumbnails instead of names. As evident from the new features rollout today, the changes in chat box was a beacon for the New group chat feature, an added treat to the New Facebook Groups. Other options like Advanced Privacy settings and downloading all your data uploaded to Facebook have been added.

Wolfram Alpha App now coming to Android

With the upsurge in developments of new Android applications, Wolfram Alpha has announced the release of Wolfram Alpha app for Android. The company has announced in its blog that the Wolfram|Alpha App for Android will be avaialbe on October 6, 2010 and they have teamed up with T-Mobile to launch the app. The app will be available for download on the T-Mobile channel for download on the new T-Mobile G2 phone.

Ubuntu reacting to changes in physical environment

Although the dawn of the touchscreen devices has lowered the usage of keyboard and mouse a bit, they still reign over. These days, many ways of input into a system have been devised with the hardware sensors. Now how about controlling a system without any of the popular input devices? Cannonical has been working on a technology that can enable users to control a system via their body movements and Face recognition.