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Apple iPhone – The Era of Technology has Just Begun

If there are 50 kids sitting in a room, guess what 48 of them probably have on their wish list. If you don’t already know so, majority of them most likely are anticipating an Apple iPhone. The extremely popular and hit modern device has filled the hands of millions, but the phone undoubtedly must give half of the credit to its numerous applications. Apps, short for applications, are becoming tremendously popular each and every day.

Gmail app comes to iOS, leaves BlackBerry

Developments such as this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all,
the iPhone is a growing platform, while the BlackBerry is shrinking. It
makes sense, in a general way, that a developers would choose iPhone over
BlackBerry if they had to pick one platform for their app. Even so, Google’s
decision to discontinue the Gmail for BlackBerry app, while at the same time
releasing a Gmail app for iOS, seems odd at best. The app is much more
needed on the BlackBerry platform, for two specific reasons.

Top 3 Business Apps for iPhone

If you’re a business owner who’s passionate about Fair Trade commerce (a community-oriented cooperative that ensures workers receive ethical compensation for the products they’ve developed), the Fair Trade Finder (free) app is a helpful mobile tool to find out where Fair Trade products are sold and take advantage of networking opportunities made available by a crowd sourced directory.

Onkyo Remote App for Android

Many of you out there may have invested in a single universal remote control and programmed it to control all of your gadgets. But what if you could do away with all of them, even the universal remote, and control all of you gadgets using your phone?

Windows Phone 7 marketplace hits 16000 apps

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now has a whopping 16000 apps in different categories. There are 16069 applications as of now in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and the number is growing steeply.

CollegeSwap: E-commerce Facebook App for Students

The new tech company Whowish has launched itself by offering a Facebook application namely CollegeSwap aimed at helping college students on shoe-string budgets trade for products and services instead of buying them. The app though is not only for swapping stuff.

What Appitype are you

A recently done research has shown that 55% of the mobile users are dependent on apps. The research also says that if you want to know about somebody, you might get a gist of it by taking a look at their installed apps.