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Asus G55VW S1020V gaming laptop

The Asus G55VW – S1020V Laptop Review – It Packs a Punch!

Taiwanese company, Asus has long been providing the world with great hardware and laptop. Their motherboards are found in the most extreme gaming desktops, as well as their video cards. They also have the Republic of Gamers brand, where different gaming products are marketed. In fact Asus laptops are of good caliber that people who wish to recycle it would rather trade it to another Asus laptop. The cash for laptops that Asus made are on the same level as those with Alienware etc.That’s a testament of how good they are.

Laptop brands/models 2011 that make great servers

These days, businesses are beginning to prioritize the portability of their equipment almost as much as they prize their performance. The ability of a company to transport a server without delay can give it an edge when it comes to finding or offering dedicated server hosting to customers. This article will review two of the best laptop brands and models of 2011 that make great portable servers: the Acer Aspire and the Asus G Series.