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Share files online easily with Ge.tt

When the file size that we need to attach in an email exceeds the attachment limit, we look for online file sharing services using which we can upload and share files on the fly. There are sites like box.it, rapidshare that allow quick uploading and sharing of files. GETT is another such utility that lets you share even large files and share them in an instant.

Uploading Gmail attachments made easy

Attaching files to your email in Gmail sometimes may have irritated you quite a lot as you would have to open up the dialogue box every time you upload a single file. But Gmail now lets you select multiple files to attach to your email in a single take.

Use Google Viewer for viewing different Gmail attachments

You can have a quick view of the images sent to you as attachment in Gmail and then download it on the fly. But what if the attachments are not images but PDF files? Previously Google used to convert the PDF files to plain HTML with the images excluded for your quick view which didn’t look much appealing. But now you can view PDF, DOC and PPT attachments very easily from Gmail using the Google Docs Viewer.