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Create your own avatars and give them voice

You must have seen those flash ads on some sites with an avatar speaking the words from the advertiser and responding to the mouse movements as you move it along. Well such kind of ads seem quite impressive and eye-catching. Even if you aren’t an advertiser, you may want to make such talking lively avatars to give some cool message to your blog readers or send to your friends. You can create such avatars in a snap without using Flash. Voki helps you do it.

Cartoonise yourself with Befunky

If you use forums or online groups then you must have used avatars for expressing yourself. Rather than real photos, cartoons are much popular. But the cartoon you choose as your avatar might also have been chosen by others. Now lets think of something cool. What if you create a funky cartoon of yourself and identify yourself with that. Hey you needn’t be a photoshop specialist for this, Befunky is there for you.