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The Blackberry 9900 “No sound issue” and its fix

The Blackberry 9900 was released as one of the first smartphones with the revolutionary Blackberry 7 OS. Its makers Research In Motion has given us a powerful business phone in a sleeker avatar. The Bold 9900 has a touch screen which makes a world of a difference. The BB 7 OS isn’t much different when compared to the BB OS 6. However the camera is a bit on the weaker side when compared to its competitors. However, the keyboard and the email make it a great phone to have.

Game On With Your BlackBerry Phones

Game On With Your BlackBerry Phones

How do we play? We all play differently. Some want to play outdoors. They want to run, hide under trees, swim in lakes, and bike around the suburb. Some want to play indoors. They want to play games like chess, scrabble, or boggle, watch Dora the Explorer, and probably do some cooking, with parental guidance of course. Playing has been a common concept since forever. From baked mud shaped into pies and pots to ceramic dolls and toy cars, we play. No one is exempted from it. Even if the person does not have a pretty childhood, they still remember times when they played in their own little ways. Like when you sell BlackBerrys, we always have the option of what we want to do. And playing is always a great option.

RIM CEO remains bullish despite grim outlook

Thorsten Heins, the man in charge of the ailing BlackBerry smartphone brand, has claimed that he is confident that his company’s upcoming new operating system BlackBerry 10 will ‘win’ against its iPhone and Android rivals. He continued, “we’re not here to fight for third or fourth place” but he plans on returning to the top of the smartphone OS market share pile. Madness? Maybe. But there is one way in which it isn’t entirely impossible.