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Top 10 Blogging Dos and Don’ts

Here we have a list of ten do’s and don’ts. The don’ts are listed first and are five of the most silly and self indulgent mistakes that any blogger can make. If you are clever then you will keep these five points in your mind as you write, and then you will go back and check your work when it is done to make sure that none of the “don’ts” have crept in.

Major Blog Promotion Mistakes to Avoid

Many people go about promoting their blogs the wrong way. Using inappropriate blog promotion techniques can get you ignored by readers and even blacklisted by other bloggers. The following are some of the blog promotion mistakes to be avoided at all costs.

4 Common Mistakes When Starting a Weight Loss Blog and How to Avoid Them

Starting a weight loss blog is just like starting any offline business. Don’t be deceived into thinking that there is less risk of failure because you’re operating online and have invested less in tangible assets. Many have become bloggers in this field after being swayed by popular opinion and the fact that a good number of urban dwellers are overweight. But numbers can be deceptive; much as demand for mobile devices is growing, not every brand is making profits. However, if you have discovered an untapped niche in the weight loss industry and have an idea of how you can exploit it through your blog, it could be worth taking the risk and getting started.

Blogger Custom Domain if no CNAME A records Option Available

Use blogger blog with a custom domain that doesn’t have CNAME Option

To use blogger on a custom domain, you need to modify the CNAME records of the domain with the ones provided by blogger. But many domain sellers don’t allow you to modify the CNAME records. This is especially the case with domain resellers. They provide you with an account that only lets you modify the nameservers but don’t offer option to modify the CNAME records. If you have come across such a situation here’s how you can use custom domain on blogger blog even if your domain provider doesn’t allow modifying CNAME records.

Tips on How to Blog for International Audiences

Blogging is an activity that can transcend borders and physical distances. From Peru to Pennsylvania, anyone with Internet access can potentially find and read your blog. But that doesn’t mean they will.

As A Blogger, When Can You Use Someone Else’s Content?

Most bloggers know that their hobby or profession is a community, of sorts. As with any community, its members often collaborate with one another to help each other out, by sharing tricks of the trade, and the like. But, again, as in any community, there are plenty of potential points of conflict.

How to import a blogger blog to WordPress(for larger blogs)

Blogger is among the most popular blogging platforms in today’s world. Blogger provides a lot of options for bloggers that is barely provided by any other blogging platform. Many bloggers move to Wordpress blogging platform from Blogger after their blog on Blogger has gained a good traction for more control options. Importing a blogger blog to Wordpress is facilitated by import tools that are available as plugins for Wordpress or other third party tools.

12 Tips To Become A Successful Blogger

Blogs are mushrooming all over the internet like weeds in a garden. Some blogs have been outstanding successes, while some have earned mediocre success. Some others have died virtually unknown deaths. To which of these categories do you want your blog to belong? How do you ensure that you learn from your mistakes and get your blogging basics right? Here are ten tips, ten things that you can do to succeed at blogging.