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Destroy text or ads on a page with these bookmarklets

Sometimes we come across some cool bookmarklets that are meant just for fun. Here are some bookmarklets that will destroy the text on any webpage in cool ways. You can also use these bookmarklets to destroy annoying ads on a site.

Manage your bookmarks online using Boonote

Managing bookmarks and migrating them to another device can be a real pain sometimes. With people using Internet on computers, mobiles and tablets, they want their bookmarks to be accessible from any place on the earth. With Boonote, you can save and manage your bookmarks online and sync them through various devices.

Automatically sync bookmark folders on Toolbar and Bookmark Menu in Firefox

Lets say you have a bookmarks folder named “TipsandTricks” inside bookmarks folder placed in the Bookmarks toolbar in Firefox. You have a handful of useful links saved into it and you wish you could access them from a similar folder at the Bookmarks menu as well. If you copy the folder and paste it into the bookmarks menu, the bookmarks will be accessible from there as well; but whenever you add a new bookmark to the same folder in the toolbar, it won’t update in the menu. To automatically sync the bookmarks, you’ll need to do a little workaround from the Bookmark organizer.

New features added to Delicious

Delicious.com has added some really new features to make it easier for everyone to bookmark and share. Some new and improved search tools have been added in order to maintain the freshness of the content.

Find answers to your child’s questions on whyzz

If your kids are stubborn, its hard for you to fulfill their demands. Sometimes your kid may ask you questions and then cry over it because you don’t know the answer. But hey, if you want to find the appropriate answers to your kid’s questions, Whyzz.com might be of some help.

Specifying multiple home pages in Firefox

Normally you set the page that you visit most often as your homepage. In many cases, it could be search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. or web aggregators like iGoogle. But there can be a couple of sites that you visit everyday and you open them up by clicking through your bookmarklets. However, if you forget to click on the bookmarklets, you might sometimes miss a very interesting article or news. Well you can have multiple home pages in Firefox as well. All of them open up in separate tabs and not in separate windows that makes it more easier for you.

Customizing Toolbar and Status bar in Firefox

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers used and loved by many people. Firefox has many options for customizations and plenty of plugins available for all kind of users. The toolbar and the status bar can also be customized. There are buttons the addition of which, can be a boon.

How to add a Favicon to your blog

Favicons are very useful because they add a touch of professionalism in your site and if saved in .ico format they can also be used as desktop shortcuts for your site. The main advantage however is that it makes the viewers easy to locate your site in Bookmarks or favorites list. Here I’ll show you how to add these favicons to your sites.