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Four Rules You Must Follow To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Internet is obviously becoming a part of our individual lives and getting fulfilled in all rounds requires that we be satisfied in every aspect that touches our life which can’t be if the aspect of our life that involves the internet is not fulfilled. Here are some tips that may help you speed up your Internet.

How to download pages of a site from Google Cache

Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other major search engine caches webpages they have already indexed. Generally Google indexes more pages than other search engines for a normal blog. Here’s a trick with which you can recover your website from Google cache. The process has limitations and could be very difficult for large websites but its nonetheless very handy.

W3 Total Cache solution – Resolve www to non-www redirection or vice versa

What plugin do you use for caching your Wordpress blog. Well the most widely used cache plugin is the WP Super Cache. But with advanced options, the W3 total cache is becoming immensely popular among bloggers. If you are a blogger with a blog setup in wordpress, you should give W3 Total cache a try and I’m sure you’ll love it. But if you have already been using W3 Total cache plugin, you must have noticed that the “www” form of your blog URL doesn’t redirect to the “non-www” form or vice versa.

Copy files from browser cache to your folder on hard disk

You watch photos of your favorite celebrities on the internet and skim through the photos clicking the “Next” and “Previous” buttons in the photo galleries. You sometimes wish to save them on your hard...