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The release of the new iPad – is it worth all the fuss?

Anyone with the slightest interest in technology will be aware of Apple’s latest release – the new iPad, or (as some people are calling it) the “iPad 3”. This latest ipad went on sale on Friday 16th March and had thousands of Apple fanatics queuing up outside stores all around the world. Even before this, the tablet had sold out online. Now is therefore a good time to ask: is the new iPad really worth all this fuss?

Guitar string Oscillations captured with an iPhone4

iPhone4 has amazing camera and you can shoot 720p video @30fps with it. A Youtube user captured the vibrations of his guitar strings using his iPhone4’s video camera. He placed his iPhone4 in the camera mode inside his guitar and played a tune. Amazingly enough, he could capture the oscillations of the strings very impressively.