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Downloading files off the internet using Generalfiles

We all need to download files from the internet almost everyday. Sometimes, the files that we are looking for are readily available and can be found with a few button clicks. But finding some other ones could be a herculean task. Not just that, one should also be aware of malwares with deceptive names. If you are looking for a suitable place to download your required files, here are some sources.

How to remove parent category slug in Permalinks for WordPress

You might be interested in using subcategories for categorizing your posts in a better way. Wordpress by default lets you have the category name in the permalinks but if you use subcategory, both the category and subcategory slug appear on your permalinks. If you need to remove the parent category slug from Permalinks in Wordpress, you can do it using a plugin or modifying your theme’s functions.php file.

Find answers to your child’s questions on whyzz

If your kids are stubborn, its hard for you to fulfill their demands. Sometimes your kid may ask you questions and then cry over it because you don’t know the answer. But hey, if you want to find the appropriate answers to your kid’s questions, Whyzz.com might be of some help.