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StealthGenie Cell Phone Tracker – For The Win!

The advancement in technology seems like an Olympic marathon, moving at a fast pace. It has brought upon us and dawned upon us with much convenience in our lives. However, some aspects of the technology have also parted ways between parents and their kids. How is that? Through cell phone!

How I Gained a Renewed Appreciation for My Smartphone

A couple of weeks ago, the unthinkable happened to me. I was making a quick errand run before work and as I went to get out of my car, my phone fell to its death. OK, so it’s not that unthinkable—phones break all the time, right? Well, this has NEVER happened to me—I’ve always been the responsible phone owner, updating every two years at most. But, at the risk of sounding completely dramatic, I did not handle it too well.

Finding the Right Mobile Phone For You

When you’re looking for just the right mobile phone, you need to look at it as a whole, rather than as just a phone. There are so many options out there that getting the right phone is almost like finding your soul mate. For instance, you have to consider:

On Medicaid? Get a Free Government Cell Phone from Lifeline

If you’re a US citizen that is currently living with a very low income or participating in federal assistance programs like Medicaid or Food Stamps, you may qualify to receive a free cell phone courtesy of the Lifeline Across America program. This federal government initiative was established to ensure that every adult across the nation has access to their own phone, regardless of their financial means.

Don’t Even Think About Traveling Abroad Without a Cell Phone

Cell phones serve a lot of functions in our modern world. They can help you get out of danger, they can help you find where you’re going, and they can even help you pass the time when there’s little to see and not much more to do. In a foreign country, all of these functions can be particularly helpful to you. If you get into a bad situation in a foreign country, your cell phone might even save your life.

Sell your old phones at SellCell

If you are a gadget freak youngster, you must be aware of all the latest smartphones in the market. One of them hitting the market recently, lets say HTC One X may be the phone that you are willing to own. People these days, mostly the younger generation like to keep themselves updated to the latest trends in the market. With high end smartphones being launched everyday, gadget lovers tend to ditch their older phones and buy a new one. SellCell.com is a price comparision and phone recycling company that helps you find the best deal for your old smartphone.

Now body organs can send updates to your cellphone

Have you seen cardiac patients and how they have a tendency to to awry? There are micro devices that are installed into the body of heart patients for giving them immediate remedy in certain conditions. Scientists have now devised a great technique for better monitoring of heart by giving a unique IP address to the hearts of patients.