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An all in one Chrome extension for Google+

With the introduction of Google+ in the social networking scenario, a lot of browser addons and extensions have already been developed. Extensions for having Google+ notifications, quick view etc. are already available for Google Chrome. GTools+ is an extension that may be the perfect tool for Google Plus you’re looking for.

Quick view the links shared in Google+ through Chrome

Twitter after its new redesign lets you see shared videos or photos from Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Yfrog, Twitpic etc. without leaving the site. Wouldn’t you want a similar functionality on Google+ where you can view a site shared on Google+ without having to leave the page? Quick View for Google Plus is a Chrome Extension that lets you view content shared on Google+ without leaving the website.

Google Chrome extension for Google+ notifications

Wouldn’t you love to get Google+ notifications instantly even if you are on another tab on your browser? Well with Surplus, you can have quick Google+ notifications. Surplus is a chrome extension for getting Google+ notifications on your Chrome browser.