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Top 5 Benefits You can Enjoy with Cloud Only

Every person out there has a different opinion when it comes to cloud technology. Some of them think it is unnecessary risk that they are not willing to take, while others believe that this...

What You Need to Know About Google’s New Security Certification

It’s taken the cloud computing world by storm – Google just earned a new security certification for its cloud computing platform Google Apps for Business. You may have heard that Google Apps for Business now has ISO 27001 certification, but what does this really mean?

OpenStack -A Global Open Source IaaS Cloud Computing Project

In today’s enterprise computing discussion, there’s a growing concern over the stability of the open, closed and hybrid cloud computing environments. Rackspace, an enterprise-level managed hosting service provider, believes they have found the solution in OpenStack. For those out of the loop, OpenStack is the global open-source infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud-computing project started by Rackspace Hosting through a partnership with NASA. In very basic terms, the project is aimed at creating an environment where companies of virtually any size can create cloud-computing systems of any size with standard hardware. This means a free, fully customizable cloud environment that is scalable, versatile and agile regardless of size or infrastructural limitations.

Everything You Need to Know about the Private Cloud

Cloud computing is changing how business gets done and, as time goes on, a number of different flavors of the cloud have been created. One of the perceived drawbacks of cloud computing is the fact that your data needs to be handled by a third party, often on the same server as other companies’ data. During this process, you may also lose control of how your data is managed, and may be forced to trust that your hosting company can effectively manage your information.

Cloud Developer How To: Connect Your Web App to a Cloud Database and Avoid Disaster

When you create a dynamic website, the cloud database becomes the coal bin that supplies the engine with fuel to burn. Most programmers make the same common mistake at least once in their career: accidentally uploading the database connection file that connects to the testing environment instead of the production environment. The result is a website that crashes with a database error or the data entered by customers is sent to the wrong database.

Common troubles with cloud computing

While cloud computing services have been booming lately, you should understand that not all companies who avail of Cloud computing services are able to get a good experience. As with anything, there are a variety of experiences; some would get a good service while some would expect a more troublesome situation.

Colocation or the Cloud?

Since the release of the iCloud in June, regular internet users have become enthralled with the concept of the cloud computing. However, many don’t realize that they already use it on a day-to-day basis through programs such as regular e-mail, Google Docs, and Flickr. Businesses have long been incorporating cloud technologies into their IT departments, but the recent surge of interest in and the prices of cloud computing have led many wondering if colocation services wouldn’t be better.

Microsoft wins the best Cloud Service Award

With largely developing cloud computing technology, cloud services are also strengthening everyday. Microsoft has been awarded with the best cloud service award. The best cloud service awards were presented at the 3rd Annual cloud computing World Forum on 21st June 2011. The ceremony was held in Olympia London.

Google Docs online for iPad and Android coming soon

iPad and Android platform mobile owners should be happy to hear that Google is soon bringing mobile editing capabilities to online Google Docs on iPad and Android based mobile phones. People who use Google Docs off and on will now find it easy to edit documents on the fly with their iPad and Android devices.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud based operating system from Microsoft. Azure is actually an operating System that runs over the internet from the Microsoft’s hosting data centers for the Azure Services Platform. Currently Azure is mainly aimed for web developers. Azure will help the Developers to manage and distribute Web Applications on the Internet through Microsoft’s own data centers.