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Wordperss plugins for adding Konami code easter eggs to your blog

Many popular websites have been added interesting easter eggs that are triggered by the Konami code. If you are fairly good at programming, you can implement the Konami code Easter egg on your blog directly with the Konami-JS on Google Code. If you want things to be easy, there are a handful of Wordpress plugins which let you add and create Konami code eas ter eggs. Here are some Wordpress plugins for inserting Konami code to your blog.

Find and Replace Characters in Google Docs

The “Find and Replace” function in Google Docs works just as well as in Microsoft Word. If you wish to replace the name “Peter”, appearing frequently in any document with “Tom”, you can do it quickly with the “Find and Replace” command. You must be an expert in using “Find and Replace”, if you need to modify general replacement of words. But looking for complex characters won’t be easy as searching for plain texts.