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Fix WordPress comment count error caused by Disqus plugin

With Disqus, you can allow your visitors to easily post comments through their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Disqus perfectly syncs with Wordpress comment system and the comment on your database is also synced with Disqus’ server. But with the latest version of Wordpress, Disqus has some issues showing the comment counts for the post. Here is how you can fix comment count error in Wordpress 3.1 when Disqus plugin is used.

Disqus now enables tagging in comments

Avid commentators are pretty much familiar with Disqus. Disqus now adds a feature that lets people use “@” mentions in the comments like in Twitter and Facebook. You can tag any user with their Twitter or Disqus username using the “@” symbol followed by the username or any person who has commented on the same post.

Let visitors comment on sections of your blog with Highlighter

Visitors to any post on your blog may land there for a bunch of different keywords. A visitor could be intrigued by a section on your article and thus write a comment regarding it. But he will have to scroll all the way down to the comment section and type the comment referring to the particular section on your article. Highlighter is a Wordpress plugin that enables your visitors to highlight any section of your article and add comment to it.

Delete weird Youtube comments

If a video gets fairly popular in Youtube, it is sure to receive a number of comments from the viewers. But while reading comments, you might have noticed some really silly comments. Sometimes you may regret after making a comment which you later think you shouldn’t have made and wish to delete it. Youtube now lets you delete the comments you make in just a snap.