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Plagiarism and other forms of copying

Plagiarism has been with around since the formation of ideas. Before the dawning of computers, information technology, and the internet, people got away with plagiarizing. Today, plagiarism and other forms of copying can be detected and in some cases, even punishable by law.

Best Tools To Check For Plagiarized Content

Plagiarism is basically a form of cheating in which you present other’s ideas (work/task) as your own. The idea can be anything, a song, web page, book, television show, article etc. But still different people have different definitions regarding plagiarism. If you copy someone’s idea and you properly cited it, then it does not come under plagiarism. But if you do not mention the source (from where you copy this idea) then it comes under PLAGIRISM.

As A Blogger, When Can You Use Someone Else’s Content?

Most bloggers know that their hobby or profession is a community, of sorts. As with any community, its members often collaborate with one another to help each other out, by sharing tricks of the trade, and the like. But, again, as in any community, there are plenty of potential points of conflict.