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Enable Godmode in Windows 7

From control panel, you cannot customize the settings than you could with Godmode. Godmode is a folder that lets you customize your PC for a wide range of settings from a single place.

Control and execute various tasks on your PC

I assume that your PC remains on most of the time. Sometimes you stick around your PC while sometimes you are out for a lunch or something else. If you want your computer to do things specified by you even when you are away, like shut down the computer, hibernate etc, Marxio Timer will help you. Give it a try.

Increase your internet speed

Internet speed varies with places. In some countries the speed is amazingly fast while in some people still are compelled to hook up with very slow connection speeds. Some tips mentioned below can give you a bit faster browsing experience if you are on a slow connection:

Some Windows XP Registry Tricks

Some Windows XP registry tricks: 1. Speed up your start menu’s speed: The speed of the start menu by default is darn slow. But this can be boosted by editing a windows registry key....