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Ways of Converting Old Films to DVD

Gone are the good old days when you could watch your favorite movie in analogue-tape format. These so-called video cassettes were popular during the 1980’s through mid-1990’s, and are notable for their not-so-convenient features such as needing to be “rewound” if you want to watch the film from start to finish.

Convert currency with your favorite search engines

Some people frequently need to convert currency and use the conversion charts. But in the advanced age of internet and with the development of many online tools, converting currency using the currency conversion charts and flicking open the calculator doesn’t look practical. There are lots of websites where you can find that provide currency conversion tools. But how about using your very favorite search engines for currency conversion?

Use Google Viewer for viewing different Gmail attachments

You can have a quick view of the images sent to you as attachment in Gmail and then download it on the fly. But what if the attachments are not images but PDF files? Previously Google used to convert the PDF files to plain HTML with the images excluded for your quick view which didn’t look much appealing. But now you can view PDF, DOC and PPT attachments very easily from Gmail using the Google Docs Viewer.

Convert PDF to Word/Excel and vice versa online

Word or Excel files to PDF and vice versa can be a clumsy job for some people. If that makes you sigh then don’t worry, feepdfconvert can be your all time friend for converting PDF files.