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Inject CSS rules directly into a live webpage using CSS Terminal

Designers need to try out different CSS rules on webpages before finally obtaining a beautiful design. For example, if a text with a font size of 14px looks a bit bulkier on the page, testing with a lesser font size for example 12px and seeing the changes on the fly would be very handy. If you are looking for such a tool, CSS Terminal tool can be of great help.

Unminify CSS to make them more legible

If you are a web designer, you must be using CSS minifying tools that remove the extra whitespaces and unnecessary line breaks in your CSS codes. But if you need to work on the same CSS file later on, you will find it very difficult to edit them. A legible and formatted version of the CSS file would be great for later edits. The CSS Minifier tool by MrColes may come in handy at such times.

Find errors in CSS using CSS lint

CSS forms the main aspect of a website when it comes to visual appeal. CSS codes can be written in many ways to obtain similar results. But your CSS code may not be free or errors and other coding issues. With CSS Lint, you can quickly find the errors and issues in any CSS code.

Zbugs – an online tool to compress your JS and CSS

CSS and JS used on a site considerably increase its size. For sites with very flashy graphics, the CSS and JS files are obviously large sized and therefore may significantly spike up their loading time. Zbugs is an online utility with which you can merge, minify and Gzip compress JS and CSS files.

Patternify – A cool online pattern Generator

Some web designers are very fond of using patterns on websites. Photoshop makes generating patterns a snap but requires some skills nonetheless. Patternify will keep you shy of Photoshop for generating simple pattern for...

Yesblogs blogging platform

To manage a Wordpress blog and to customize it, one needs basic HTML, CSS or PHP knowledge too. A new blogging platform “Yesblogs” has been recently launched. This blogging platform doesn’t require you to know any HTML or CSS techniques as the developers say.

Building a web page with CSS without using HTML

HTML is the main basis for the whole world wide web. Without it, the internet cannot exist as of now. Mathias Bynes of CSS Tricks has given us an idea on how a mock up webpage can be created with just CSS and no HTML. Remember, this trick should NOT be used in a real website. We’ll have to use the link tag to do this which isn’t supported by all browsers although Firefox and Opera support it.

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator by ColorZilla

A background with color gradients looks more appealing than just a plain single color background at times. Gradient backgrounds for websites are usually created with Photoshop’s gradient tools. But gradients can also be used on website via CSS codes. ColorZilla has a web based color gradient toolkit called “The Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator” that makes it easy to play around with color gradients right from the browser and then generates the CSS code for it.