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Get rid of CSS prefixes with PrefixFree

CSS3 is becoming increasingly popular among web designers as the browser support for it grows. But the vendor prefixes like -moz-border-radius, -webkit-animation etc. can be annoying at times. Many experts have been ranting about dropping these prefixes or to collapse all such vendor specific prefixes to a single prefix. Its evident that designers don’t feel like writing these prefixes to accomplish things, big or small. But the usage of prefixes is a very vital part of CSS. So, the best option would be to find a solution where one would be able to write functional CSS codes without using vendor specific prefixes. Therefore, Prefixfree tool can be a good solution.

Tron:Legacy graphic novel by Disney built in HTML5

Many cool apps and online tools hit the internet everyday and HTML5 surely has revolutionized the use of beautiful interactive components on websites. Disney and Vectorform have built the Disney Tron:Legacy Digital graphic book. Tron:Legacy Graphic Novel is built on Internet Explroer 9 Hardware Accelerated HTML5. Tron:Legacy is made using HTML5 canvas and audio tags.

Find the best fallback fonts

Fallback fonts are the alternate fonts that are specified in the CSS when the font of first priority is not available in the system of the user. FFFFALLBACK is a nifty javascript bookmarklet with which you can try out alternate fonts for a webpage.