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Enable basic screen options after fresh installation of WordPress 3.1

After installing Wordpress 3.1, a user may find a lot of new options right out of the box but also find some things missing. Like, if you are fond of adding excerpts to your blog posts, you’ll instantly miss the text box for adding excerpt in the post area. You can enable this from the Screen Options.

See which of your posts are getting more spams

Where there is a blog, there are spams. Every blogger spends a lot of time in handling spams. Even plugins like Askimet cannot get hold of Spam sometimes. Besides, Askimet also tends to filter normal comments into spam category. There are certain posts on your blog that attract more spams than others. These can better be called the “Spam Magnets”. Spam Magnet Checker is a cool plugin that lets you have an analysis of the Spam Magnet posts, i.e. the posts getting maximum number of spams on your blog.