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3 Affordable Data Solutions for Small Businesses

These days, more and more small businesses are finding their data difficult to manage, to say the least. With new developments in business regulations – such as the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act – businesses are required to keep more data on hand than ever before. Your small business may need to save financial records going years back, presentations, video files, and even all the company emails that come through your system.

What Is An Ideal Temperature For The Good Health Of A Server?

People who manage data centers or websites are aware of the importance of the health of their server. A server is expected to run 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, and server manufactures such as Dell and IBM try all they can to provide the best performance through their products. To gain the most out of the server in terms of performance you need to keep a tab on the ideal room temperature. Each circuit of an electrical component provides optimal performance in a specific range of temperature. A hardware professional is very much aware of these nuances. A fluctuating room temperature leads to bad news for the server.

Twitter fail whale necklace, cake and more

Every Twitter user must have come across the Twitter fail whale when Twitter datacenter is over capacity. This whale landing on your screen means that you’ll be deprived of using Twitter for a couple of seconds or even minutes. The image also known as “Lifting up a Dreamer” actually comprises of a giant white whale, ten small birds and a blue sea with orange waves. The twitter whale was ubiquitous during the World Cup 2010 when the football fans where busy tweeting regarding the great football festival. The fail whale is immensely popular among Twitter fans and it has been sculpted into various forms.

iPhone as a WebServer

When you hear about WebServer, the thing that first comes to your mind is a cluster of very powerful computers. But an application launched for the iPhone called the ServersMan@iPhone lets you use your iPhone as a webserver.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud based operating system from Microsoft. Azure is actually an operating System that runs over the internet from the Microsoft’s hosting data centers for the Azure Services Platform. Currently Azure is mainly aimed for web developers. Azure will help the Developers to manage and distribute Web Applications on the Internet through Microsoft’s own data centers.