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Top 5 Mobile Phones for Women

Gone are those days when only bulky mobile phones were made to fulfill the needs and desires of the ‘men’ of the society. The Mobile phone companies have discerned the gadget-love of a woman and have come up with many stylish designs, attractive colours as well as many pink features like built-in mirrors.

2012 Laptops to Buy

We are just barely into 2012, but plenty of fantastic laptops have come out in just two or so months. Since there are plenty of people out there who have been sitting on ancient computers and are need of a serious upgrade, now is the perfect time to invest in a new machine.

Web Designers: What You Should Know About SEO

Throughout my time in the SEO industry, I’ve come to find that there can be a huge disconnect between web designers and SEOs in terms of how to go about best optimizing a site for the client’s needs. Most designers that I’ve worked with don’t really know much about SEO, and that’s ok because in reality, their job is to design, not optimize. However, I can guarantee that by learning a few simple SEO tips as a designer, you will become much more marketable to your clients. Most importantly, it will be that much easier for you to work with the SEO professionalthat might have a hand in your client’s site also.

How Web Designers Can Effectively Understand Their Clients

Being a web designer has its perks. Whether you’re working freelance from home or for a graphic design business, there’s nothing like the flexibility and control that being a web designer offers. You can be as creative as you want to be, and with a passion for what you do. The only question is, how do you best communicate and understand what your clients want in order to ensure a job well done? We have the answers to your biggest questions so that you never misunderstand the needs of your clientele again.

Designing a brochure

When it comes to brochure design, it’s worth investing in. Most people are heavily influenced by the materials they read. If done right, the combination of words, design, and images could prove to be a winning strategy for your product.

Tired of Lorem Ipsum? Try Hipster Ipsum

The Lorem Ipsum dummy text is used as a placeholder text or say a filler text in designs. Lorem Ipsum has been used since long. But it has so ubiquitous that you see the Lorem Ipsum dummy text in most of the design samples. If you are tired of the Lorem ipsum dummy text, you can try out Hipster Ipsum that is similar to Lorem Ipsum dummy text.

Phenomenal Sony Playstation 4 Concept

As of late, whispered rumors that the potential release of Sony’s Playstation 4 could come next year are traveling through the video game world. Of course, Sony is refusing to answer questions and will undoubtedly save the announcement for a widely-covered press event: say 2012’s E3.

5 Tips for Creating Killer Landing Pages

Creating killer landing pages can pay you back in big dividends. Your landing page, or the page users are directed to after they make that first click in the search results, should be captivating and offer a clear and concise actionable message. This may sound easy in theory, but landing page design is slightly more complex than this simple goal. Here are five tips to take to heart when building your landing pages.

Twitter text overflow upon tweeting long text with hashtag

What I am going to point out is a minor thing but yes if this becomes frequent, it will for sure get more noticeable. Have you tried tweeting using a hashtag before a very long string of text? Well try it out and see what happens.

Get beautiful artwork for your iPhone and iPad at Poogla

iPhone and iPad are great devices for sharing and showing off your photos. If you are an art fanatic, you might as well show off arts and sketches via the devices. At Poogla, you can find tons of artwork created by talented artists, designers and illustrators. Poogla offers artwork images in sizes compatible for iPhone and iPad.