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Where to buy the best desktop computers

Desktop computers are being used in every part of the world. In almost every home in a developed country, there is at least one desktop PC being used. Home users usually prefer to have a Desktop PC because of easiness of use and high performance. Laptops, Netbooks and Tablet PCs have invaded most of the consumer electronics industry but desktops are still in demand. A PCworld author has revealed the fact that all-in-one desktop computers will take the place of tower desktop computers in a matter of time.

How to keep the desktop icons from rearranging themselves on Windows

On Windows, you can easily rearrange icons by moving them around. People prefer to have the icons that are frequently used towards the top. But some may hate the whole idea of rearranging icons with mouse drags. Sometimes, it can be a predicament too. For example you have a Zip file on your desktop and while arranging icons, if you happen to drag another icon onto the zip, the file gets zipped into the same Zip archive. This can be annoying and happens many a times. Here’s a trick that will keep the desktop icons from rearranging themselves on Windows.

Switch from one feed reader to another

Feed Readers have brought a lot of ease to our lives letting us read our favorite topics on the internet without having to browse for them all along. A lot of Feed Readers are available, some as desktop application and some other online. If you think of switching from one to the other it is very easy.

Picasa now available for Mac also

Till now the desktop application Picasa used for uploading photos to Picasa Web Albums was only available for Widows XP and Vista. Mac users were relying upon a standalone Picasa Web Albums uploader and iPhoto album plugin for uploading photos to their Web Albums. But with the release of Picasa for Mac, millions of people using Picasa Web Albums around the globe will be benefitted.

Try FixMyMovie now…It is shutting down on 31st December

Since cameras with video recording capabilities were introduced into mobile phones, a lot of people have begun using them for capturing some precious moments on the go. But before the revolution in the mobile video technology hit the scene, users were relying upon those low quality camera phones that captured extremely blurry movies with ragged details.

Use Google Docs Offline

Login to your Google Docs Account. Then on the upper right part you will see a link called Offline. Once you click on the link, a window will appear which asks you if you would like to use Google Docs Offline. If you grant access to that you will be asked to download Google Gears if that is not installed on your computer.

Synchronize Google Docs with other Word Processing Applications

If you are a person who frequently uses word processing applications and share related files with peers, friends etc, then you are probably familiar with Google Docs. Google Docs has been a boon for those who work on creating and publishing documents and wish to access those files from any place on earth.

Ades Color Picker

If you are a designer, you must know how important it is to pick the appropriate colors while creating any designs. Sometimes you need to pick color from images and you do that with...

RSS explained

RSS stands for Really Simple Sydication. It is used to publish frequently updated tasks over the internet like blogs, news, audio, video etc. They are also called feeds. The feeds are read via RSS readers or feed aggreagators.