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How to Choose Document Management Software

Businesses often run on paper but maintaining all the information in an organized system can become a hassle. Document management software can make your office more efficient with search features and automated processes. No matter your industry or business, document management software can save your office time and money. Here are three things you want to consider when choosing document management software for your business.

Easiest way to extract images from a Word File

When it comes to textual content or any other writeup, most of the people prefer Microsoft Word as the main platform for creating such documents. Many people just work on the textual content without adding any media files or images to their documents.

How to Copy and Paste into Word the Right Way

If you have ever experienced the frustration of copying something into word – only to see your formatting go crazy – then this post is for you. However, what most people don’t realise is that Microsoft Word actually has a whole bunch of pasting options which makes any job simple.

Great Low Cost Tools for Tech Start-ups

Start-ups are the buzz word these days and more and more people are coming up with ideas for start-ups. The Internet has levelled the playing field to an extent, so even the small guy has a chance of getting their products into the market. However one of the biggest problems faced by start-ups is getting funding for their projects. If you are on a limited budget then there are awesome free and low cost tools available to make things easier. Below are some of them.