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Manage Your Documents More Efficiently

When you’re cracking on nicely with a project, whether it’s an essay, a piece of work for a client or the construction of a new building, the last thing you want to hold you up is paperwork. Having to get individual documents signed off after each and every stage of the process can become very tedious and add days, even weeks, to the job.

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How to transfer documents to your Windows Phone without emailing

You won’t find a system wide file explorer in the current version of Windows Phone 7 and neither can you add files to your phone besides just music, videos and pictures. So, if you have to transfer a Word document to your phone, you’ll have to first email it to yourself, open it and finally save it on your phone. But if you need to transfer too many files, this process won’t be very feasible. But here is a little workaround that will help you easily transfer documents from your computer to your Windows Phone 7 device.

How to automatically insert the filename in your Word document

Generally, the easiest way of finding Word files is by looking through their file names. It can be even handier to include the filename on the document body itself, generally in the header or the footer. Here is how you can automatically insert the file name of your document in its header or footer.

How to extract images from Google Docs Document

With addition of great useful features, one can get all the basic benefits of standalone desktop word processing software on Google Docs. Google Docs lets you insert images into a document as well. But you cannot extract the images directly from the document editor in Google Docs. Here are some tricks for downloading images from Google Docs documents.

Count words in documents in bulk with Total Assistant

What if you have dozens of documents and you need to have the total word in a single go? It wouldn’t be practical to open up every single document and check its word count. Well, Total Assistant is a great solution for checking word counts of documents in bulk.

5 Ways to Make Your Printer Faster

Most of the time, the solution to speeding up the printing process is to make some changes in the way that you print documents in order to reduce the processing and printing times. If you make the following five changes to how you print, you will find that not only does your printer work faster, but your operating costs will be reduced as well.

How to play Chess online with your friend using Zoho Docs

There are many people who spend hours on end playing online multiplayer games. Facebook games like Zynga Poker etc. are also very popular as online multiplayer games. If you love chess, you must have played it on your computer off and on. How about playing it with your friend online and that too without having to use any gaming software? Using Zoho Docs, you can play Chess online with your friend.

How to filter documents and photos in Gmail

Sorting emails containing documents, pictures or other files would be easier if they could be filtered into respective folders as soon as they reach your inbox. Using Gmail Filters, you can filter emails containing documents into a “Documents” folder, the ones containing pictures to “Images” folder and the like, making it easier for you to search through them.

5 ways to view documents online without signing up

Documents are shared generally in formats like PDF or .doc over the internet. Generally we all have standalone software like Acrobat reader for viewing PDFs and Microsoft Word for viewing and modifying word documents. But, documents on the web can also be viewed on your browser without having these software installed on your computer. Here are some options for viewing documents online or in your browser without installing any of these. Moreover, these don’t require sign-ups either.

Online OCR Service

OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition”. It is the process of recognizing texts in a scanned image by a computer. OCR software are very useful and there are lots of them. OCR is also available through Microsoft Office Document Imaging. But you might not get a software anytime on your demand. But you can also have free OCR service online through some websites.