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Create your own mazes for Pacman

Pacman is one of the oldest games in the history of video games. In a Pacman Game, you emerge from the opposite side after entering from a side. Now, this limit is surpassed by World’s Biggest Pacman. You can now create your own mazes for Pacman.

See the popular Google Doodles on Google’s Facebook Page

Google’s Doodles are famous on the Internet and most of the times their doodles are a tribute to some great personalities. Google’s Facebook page has a Google Doodle Tab introduced that shows some of the most popular Google Doodles.

John Lennon’s 70th birthday and a New Google Doodle

Google’s homepage today has a very unique doodle. Its a tribute to the great artist John Lennon of Beatles for his 70th Birthday(born: 9th October, 1940). You’ll see a big G, a tree and simple landscape sketch replacing the two “o”s. The other “g” and “l” are intact while the “e” is again replaced with a play button.

Yet another Google Doodle

Google hadn’t mentioned a speck about its Doodle of 7th September 2010 i.e. yeterday, it now has a very amazing Doodle on its homepage. It seems like we’ll be getting to see a new Google Doodle everyday.

Google’s Doodle on its Search pages

Web surfers would have been awestruck today on seeing Google’s Doodle on its main search page. The Google’s logo is knitted with small balloons which are all jumpy. On firing up Google.com, you’ll instantly see small bubbles gathering from all sides to form the big Google.