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Find and create color palettes online with ColorRotate

If you are a graphic or web designer you should understand the importance of color combinations. Nice colors and color combinations are much coveted among graphic designers, interior designers and landscapers. You must have used Kuler in Photoshop CS4. ColoRotate is a similar kind of online color palette creator that lets you browse through the color palettes, create new palettes and share them with the online community.

Create Video Screensaver of your own for free

Everytime you are out for a few minutes, your monitor will start getting filled in with attractively mottled screensavers. Some people are so much obsessed with screensavers that they download loads of attractive screensavers from the web. Great video screensavers for Windows XP are also available for download. But why download them when you can create one of your own, with custom videos? You can create a video screensaver in various ways.

How I moved from my old domain to this one

After being on my old domain http://www.bishaladhikary.com.np for a couple of months, I finally decided to move to this one. Actually my friend Ghtozkat suggested me that as the domain was a country domain of Nepal, the traffic would be targeted to Nepal by default. So, he suggested me to move to a new domain .com, .net or .org and so I moved my Wordpres blog to this domain. Well I had to go through a lot of processes to get all my previous posts on this domain and then finally redirect my old domain to this.

iPhone as a WebServer

When you hear about WebServer, the thing that first comes to your mind is a cluster of very powerful computers. But an application launched for the iPhone called the ServersMan@iPhone lets you use your iPhone as a webserver.

Make onscreen-GIF animations for placing on blogs

You might have seen GIF animations made from screencasts in many blogs. These help visitors understand the explained tricks easily. Well a video can also be embedded for the same purpose but using a video for very short videos would not look quite impressive. If you want to embed screencasts in GIFs, here is how you do it.

Free On Screen Recording Software

You must have watched video tutorials on Photoshop or any other software. You learn very quick and easy from those videos showing the on-screen activities of your mouse and computer. Have you wondered how that’s done, i.e. how do they record on-screen videos?

Picasa now available for Mac also

Till now the desktop application Picasa used for uploading photos to Picasa Web Albums was only available for Widows XP and Vista. Mac users were relying upon a standalone Picasa Web Albums uploader and iPhoto album plugin for uploading photos to their Web Albums. But with the release of Picasa for Mac, millions of people using Picasa Web Albums around the globe will be benefitted.

Monitor activities happening on your PC with PC Pandora

Is your PC used by people other than you off and on? Do you want to know whta they do on the computer? Or know the interests of your kids and their favorite websites that make them stick to the computer for hours together?