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Cloud storage: Which service is best for me?

This year saw the release of Google and Microsoft’sonline storage service apps (Google Drive and SkyDrive respectively). This has meant that the idea of cloud storage is becoming a much more accepted one for both home and office users – however, it’s still a bit of a minefield when it comes to choosing what’s best for you.

Hi-Tech Innovations for Geeks

Technological innovations have been happening in industries ever since there have been inventions. These innovations focus particularly on the improvement of products, services, ideas and technologies and hence, have no doubt contributed to the betterment of man’s life. As in the past, this year will also see some innovative ideas that is thought to be of immense help to not only computer and mobile industry but also to business, social networks and car industry.

Create Dropbox forms using Jotforms

A lot of third party applications have been developed for Dropbox with which you can have more benefit from the service. JotForm ‘s Dropbox Forms allows anybody to create an upload form which uploads to your Dropbox folder.