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5 Reasons why the Amazon Kindle Makes a Better World

Having recently gotten into Amazon’s e-reader craze by purchasing the third and latest iteration of the Kindle device, I have become an absolute adept. In fact, I believe this little device will certainly make the world a better place, for reasons that will be detailed in this article.

10 Interesting Facts About Electronic Paper

With modern data storage technologies, thousands of books could be contained within a mere computer chip. Today, E-readers are growing in popularity – produced and sold by companies such as Sony, Apple, and Amazon. Here are 10 interesting facts about electronic paper you maybe never knew before.

Download Ratios for Ebooks by O’Reilly

O’Reilly media’s books on computers and technology have been the favorites of nerds and noobs. O’Reilly offers multiple DRM formats for download. PDF, EPUB and Kindle compatible books are the most popular formats. People prefer to read the books off formats and O’Reilly has produced a neat graph showing the popularity of these file formats.