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Creating custom Facebook tabs using Grid system

Customizing your Facebook pages by adding useful content can keep the visitors to your page indulged for a longer time. 520grid can help in creating custom FBML pages for instance the Welcome tabs seen on many Facebook pages.

Facebook’s URL shortener fb.me has started working again

Many of you must have known of Facebook’s URL shortener http://fb.me launhed in December last year. You could open up a Facebook profile by simply visiting the URL http://fb.me/username. But after a few months the service went ashtray and started showing error pages. But now, Facebook filled the holes and now the Facebook’s URL shortener fb.me is working.

How to like any page on Facebook

Facebook’s like share button form the components of many blogs and sites. With these, its easy to like or share the article you’re reading on Facebook. But still, some sites haven’t opted to integrate the button. Well, its easy to share the link by copying it and pasting on your update box on Facebook. But if you want to like an article where on like button is seen, the update box won’t help. Here’s how you do it.

New features added to Facebook notes

Facebook notes is a great place for sharing ideas or starting a discussion. Due to a very primitive interface, Facebook notes wasn’t much of a fun to use. Besides browsing through the notes was also a tedious job. But now, with some revamps, the Notes has become better.