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Chit Chat for Facebook – a cool desktop client for Facebook

Facebook chat has been integrated into chat applications like Pidgin, Digsby and recently Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger as well. Chit Chat for Facebook is a standalone desktop chat client for Facebook that serves solely for letting you chat over Facebook. Chit Chat for Facebook has a neat interface and resembles MSN Messenger in some ways.

How to fix the font size for Facebook updates in News Feed

You must have noticed smaller font size in News Feeds recently on Facebook. Facebook has been testing this smaller font size in the News Feed for a couple of days now; to be precise, since 3rd November. The font for status updates is the same size as that for comments. The larger font size was better and less strenuous to read. You can fix the Facebook font size for updates in News Feed by using browser bookmarklets or scripts.

Facebook’s URL shortener fb.me has started working again

Many of you must have known of Facebook’s URL shortener http://fb.me launhed in December last year. You could open up a Facebook profile by simply visiting the URL http://fb.me/username. But after a few months the service went ashtray and started showing error pages. But now, Facebook filled the holes and now the Facebook’s URL shortener fb.me is working.

New features added to Facebook notes

Facebook notes is a great place for sharing ideas or starting a discussion. Due to a very primitive interface, Facebook notes wasn’t much of a fun to use. Besides browsing through the notes was also a tedious job. But now, with some revamps, the Notes has become better.

Cool text effects for social profiles

If you are an avid Facebook user, you must be updating your status on it every now and then. Some people also love changing their status in messengers very frequently. If you want to try something new, like updating status in a cool way, you can try out some crazy text types.