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7 Ways to Increase Your RSS Followers

There are a number of effective ways on how you can increase your RSS followers. If you are thinking of doing this for your website, then take a look at these seven important ways, follow them carefully and you will definitely be able to increase your subscribers in no time.

Get Facebook news feed directly in your Inbox

Even if you are a workaholic who spends much of his time working on the computer, you manage to save a few minutes or even hours to keep track on your friend’s activities over Facebook. Facebook has also been sometimes referred to as the biggest time waster on the internet. For this very reason, many companies don’t allow their employees to use Facebook. But yeah, there is always a way out for anything and some witty ones figure out a way to do it. NewsFeedEmail can be a very handy application for people who aren’t allowed to access Facebook directly.

How to automatically publish your blog posts to the New Facebook Groups

If you are a blogger, you can share your blog posts over a group, the members of which would be interested in your posts. How about automating this task; i.e. sharing any new post on your blog automatically to a group? With Networked Blogs application for Facebook, you can now automatically publish feed from your site to a Facebook group.

Five ways to automatically post updates to Facebook from your site’s feed

Every company and website has a Facebook fan page. The best way to share updates from your blog to Facebook is to automate the task of sharing any post to Facebook as soon as it gets published. Applications like Twitterfeed, Networked Blogs, RSS Graffiti, Objective Marketer etc. will help you do it.

Switch from one feed reader to another

Feed Readers have brought a lot of ease to our lives letting us read our favorite topics on the internet without having to browse for them all along. A lot of Feed Readers are available, some as desktop application and some other online. If you think of switching from one to the other it is very easy.

RSS explained

RSS stands for Really Simple Sydication. It is used to publish frequently updated tasks over the internet like blogs, news, audio, video etc. They are also called feeds. The feeds are read via RSS readers or feed aggreagators.