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5 ways to view documents online without signing up

Documents are shared generally in formats like PDF or .doc over the internet. Generally we all have standalone software like Acrobat reader for viewing PDFs and Microsoft Word for viewing and modifying word documents. But, documents on the web can also be viewed on your browser without having these software installed on your computer. Here are some options for viewing documents online or in your browser without installing any of these. Moreover, these don’t require sign-ups either.

Download Ratios for Ebooks by O’Reilly

O’Reilly media’s books on computers and technology have been the favorites of nerds and noobs. O’Reilly offers multiple DRM formats for download. PDF, EPUB and Kindle compatible books are the most popular formats. People prefer to read the books off formats and O’Reilly has produced a neat graph showing the popularity of these file formats.

Create Video Screensaver of your own for free

Everytime you are out for a few minutes, your monitor will start getting filled in with attractively mottled screensavers. Some people are so much obsessed with screensavers that they download loads of attractive screensavers from the web. Great video screensavers for Windows XP are also available for download. But why download them when you can create one of your own, with custom videos? You can create a video screensaver in various ways.

Taking screenshots of websites with WebShot

Some of us have practices of saving website screenshots for comparisons or references. What we do generally is Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard, paste it on image editing applications like Photoshop and then save it. Well this will be a kind of fun if you need to screenshot just a few webpages. But what if you want to have screenshots of a whole bunch of sites for some reason? It will take a lot of time. But don’t you worry, WebShots will let you take screenshots of websites with much ease and all you’ll have to do is enter the webpage URL that you want to capture. You can download WebShots here.

Upload Excel 2007 files directly to Google Docs

The latest version of Microsoft Office Excel till date i.e. Excel 2007. The extension of files created or edited with Excel 2007 are saved as .xlsx files. This kind of file is not supported by the earlier versions of Microsoft Excel i.e. by Excel 2003. This kind of file was also not supported by Google docs. But recently they have added a feature letting you to upload Excel 2007 files.

Make onscreen-GIF animations for placing on blogs

You might have seen GIF animations made from screencasts in many blogs. These help visitors understand the explained tricks easily. Well a video can also be embedded for the same purpose but using a video for very short videos would not look quite impressive. If you want to embed screencasts in GIFs, here is how you do it.

Free On Screen Recording Software

You must have watched video tutorials on Photoshop or any other software. You learn very quick and easy from those videos showing the on-screen activities of your mouse and computer. Have you wondered how that’s done, i.e. how do they record on-screen videos?

Try FixMyMovie now…It is shutting down on 31st December

Since cameras with video recording capabilities were introduced into mobile phones, a lot of people have begun using them for capturing some precious moments on the go. But before the revolution in the mobile video technology hit the scene, users were relying upon those low quality camera phones that captured extremely blurry movies with ragged details.