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How to Recover deleted NTFS Partition

NTFS (New Technology File System) is the most popular and widely used file system due to its great features like data encryption, compression, large volume support, increased file and folder security, automatic monitoring and reporting technology etc.

Optimize PNG files for the web using PNG Gauntlet

PNG files are used very often on the web. Optimizing PNG images for web is also very necessary. It can be accomplished with Photoshop or other similar image editing software but you may have to compromise with the quality if you aren’t an expert user of such software. If you are looking for a lightweight application that can optimize PNG images on the fly without losing the quality, PNG Gauntlet is worth a glance.

HTTP file server

How to transfer documents to your Windows Phone without emailing

You won’t find a system wide file explorer in the current version of Windows Phone 7 and neither can you add files to your phone besides just music, videos and pictures. So, if you have to transfer a Word document to your phone, you’ll have to first email it to yourself, open it and finally save it on your phone. But if you need to transfer too many files, this process won’t be very feasible. But here is a little workaround that will help you easily transfer documents from your computer to your Windows Phone 7 device.

How to enable Add to Quick Launch in Windows XP

Windows Vista has a very useful feature that lets you add items to the Quick Launch Folder. The Add to Quick Launch option that can be seen in the context menus upon right clicking on an icon lets you add a shortcut of the item to the Quick Launch Folder. This feature however lacks in Windows XP and older versions of Windows. Here is a tool that lets you enable add to quick launch in Windows XP.

How to automatically insert the filename in your Word document

Generally, the easiest way of finding Word files is by looking through their file names. It can be even handier to include the filename on the document body itself, generally in the header or the footer. Here is how you can automatically insert the file name of your document in its header or footer.

How to keep the desktop icons from rearranging themselves on Windows

On Windows, you can easily rearrange icons by moving them around. People prefer to have the icons that are frequently used towards the top. But some may hate the whole idea of rearranging icons with mouse drags. Sometimes, it can be a predicament too. For example you have a Zip file on your desktop and while arranging icons, if you happen to drag another icon onto the zip, the file gets zipped into the same Zip archive. This can be annoying and happens many a times. Here’s a trick that will keep the desktop icons from rearranging themselves on Windows.

W3 Total Cache solution – Resolve www to non-www redirection or vice versa

What plugin do you use for caching your Wordpress blog. Well the most widely used cache plugin is the WP Super Cache. But with advanced options, the W3 total cache is becoming immensely popular among bloggers. If you are a blogger with a blog setup in wordpress, you should give W3 Total cache a try and I’m sure you’ll love it. But if you have already been using W3 Total cache plugin, you must have noticed that the “www” form of your blog URL doesn’t redirect to the “non-www” form or vice versa.

I just fought a malware on this WordPress blog

My blog was facing a malware issue in the last few days. Well I wasn’t aware of this fact. About 5 days ago, when I tried to open my blog in Google Chrome, it showed a malware warning. I was pretty much surprised to see that, because my blog was running smooth on Chrome just the day before. I thought either there’s something wrong with my computer or Chrome was screwed up.

Copy files from browser cache to your folder on hard disk

You watch photos of your favorite celebrities on the internet and skim through the photos clicking the “Next” and “Previous” buttons in the photo galleries. You sometimes wish to save them on your hard...