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Instagram Filters as Photoshop actions

Instagram is getting largely popular among iPhone users as a Photo sharing application. Instgram offers lots of photo filters that give a stunning effect to your pictures. Have you ever wondered if you could add Instagram like photo filters to your photos using Photoshop? Well, Daniel Box has created Photoshop actions similar to Instagram filters that you can apply to any photo instantly.

Now search friends on Facebook in a better way

The friends list on your Facebook profile or the “Edit Friends” page lets you browse through your friend list. Facebook has enhanced the Friend search feature by letting you search using various filters like city, hometown, school, workplace, interest etc.

How to filter documents and photos in Gmail

Sorting emails containing documents, pictures or other files would be easier if they could be filtered into respective folders as soon as they reach your inbox. Using Gmail Filters, you can filter emails containing documents into a “Documents” folder, the ones containing pictures to “Images” folder and the like, making it easier for you to search through them.